Tuesday, July 10, 2007

John McConnell at Franklin's Barrow Civic Theatre has asked me to pass along the fact that tickets are still available for the Jason Michael Carroll show tonight at 8:00pm concert at the door. Venango County’s own Jeffrey Michael Lloyd will open the show.

Speaking of the Barrow, The Franklin Rotary Club has taken on the project of refurbishing the Barrow Little Theatre and is looking for volunteers for the following:
July 13-- 6:00 to 8:30 pm Rip-up existing carpet
July 14-- 8:30 am to noon Begin cleaning and scrub down of walls
July 20-- 6:00-8:30 pm Finish Prepping Walls
July 21-- 8:30am - noon Prime Walls
July 27-- 6:00-8:30pm Paint Walls

Drop Ronnie Beith a line and tell her when you’ll be there and please mention you saw it here.

HOLeY JEANS plays Oil City’s Concert series at noon tomorrow at the Central Avenue Plaza.

Jerome Wincek plays Hollywood theater in Pittsburgh on July 12, 2007 at 7:30 pm

After two years, Yankee Zydeco Company is calling it quits. Which I guess means they will not playing in OC later this summer as scheduled.

Venangoland has been updates with a local treasures post.

New Castle’s Hoyt Institute show, A Sampling of Contemporary Mid-Atlantic Artists, is running from now until Aug. 3. Look for a review here in the next week or so.

New York's the Comics Page blog is excerpting the graphic novel Crossing Midnight.

Poet Philip Booth has died.

I’ve been listening to a lot of St. Vincent this summer. She’s profiled as Paste magazine's band of the week and some live tunes are available.

The Sew Useful Contest, a joint project of Etsy and Instructables just extended their deadline to July 16th,

Several years ago, my wife and I took her parents on one of the scheduled winery tours along Lake Erie. While I expected fancy pants like myself learning about local wines, instead there were busloads of drunks (include a group of Erie area teachers who somehow got permission to use one of the district buses – I’m guessing they didn’t mention the keg they placed on board. I will admit however, that I was less shocked by that than I was at the Volant Winery where the woman at the wine bar told my brother and me that Brokeback Mountain was the funniest movie she had ever seen) flinging elbows, cursing, and, then having a very special moment when one of the patrons wet himself while shouting nonsense.

That was the last time I went on one of the tours and I always try to steer people away from them. I thought it some sort of hillbilly spillover, but it turns out that all the nations’ wine regions are suffering from drunks.

The New York-based National Coalition against Censorship has asked Three Rivers Arts Festival executive director Elizabeth Reiss to "clarify the festival's relationship with its various contributors and re-affirm [her] commitment to artistic merit, open dialogue and free expression."

The Post Gazette lists upcoming readings including Lee Gutkind and Jim Daniels

A Gannon prof who lives in Pittsburgh writes about his commute. Perhaps what's most interesting is not the commute (I know plenty of profs who do crazy long commutes), but how he characterizes Erie of being berefit of chess clubs and ballet. Ouch. On a side note, I too someday dream of ditching my current commute for a sweet teaching gig at Venango Campus. Someday....

I know nothing about baseball aside from the fact that my wife likes the Seawolves and I like drinking beer in the sun. But when a gadget like Livebox comes out, geek-lust supercededs common sense.

My friend Jared Cater’s latest book of poems, Cross This Bridge At A Walk, has been named a poetry finalist in the “Best Books of Indiana 2007” competition.

The literary journal ginosko has asked me to pass on that they are accepting short fiction & poetry. Downloadable issues are available on their website.

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