Thursday, May 17, 2007

An old friend called yesterday afternoon. "Hey!" he said, "I think that old polevaulter" (he didn't actually say "polevaulter", but instead used a different term, not approriarite for a family style blog) "McClusky is on 'Talk of the Nation'". So he was. You can listen to the Venango ex-pat Mark McClusky's discussion of how to consolidate your stuff here.

Lori Schmelz from the PA Council on the Arts will be conducting a State Funding for Working Artists workshop on Monday June 11 2007, at 6:30 pm in the National transit Building's Great Room (206 Senea Street, Oil City PA) Drop Arts Czar Joann Wheeler an email by June 7th if you're going to attend. Yes, I'll be there. Look for the short, dark guy looking uncomfortable in a public setting and say, "hi".

Also, JoAnn is starting an email lsit to notify people of workshops, exhibitions and funding opportunites. Email her to be added.

Robots and Monsters is an effort by artist Joe Alterio to raise money for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. For a donation of $25, you get a 6" x 6" signed piece of art, featuring a monster or robot, or both for $40. Joe bases your piece on three words that you provide, such as "Green, tentacle, airplane."

For only $1,100/month, you can live in the house Kerouacwas born in.

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