Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's not too late to register for "The Life of an Artist" - a one day workshop to help you start, market, and suceed with your own art business. It's this Saturday from 10am - 3 pm at the Venango Campus. To register, contact Hope Lineman at (814) 676-6591 ext. 1273 or email her.

Clarion First Night is looking for artists. Call (814) 226-9161 or email. But hurry, the deadline is May 21st.

Native son Chris Griswold, blogger and wikikeeper for lots of things Venango, resigns from his site admin position at Wikipedia among some (in my opinion) brou-ha-ha.

The Pittsburgh City Paper lays out your summer plans for you.

Want to be a giant puppet?

Indian mangos will hit our area tomorrow for the first time ever. Yum.

About a decade ago, I corresponded with a guy who called himself Dishwsher Pete - a man whose goal in life was to wash dishes in all 50 states. He collected those stopries into one of the best zines ever - Dishwasher. Now Pete's 40, lives in Europe, but is back in Pittsburgh to sign copies of Dishwasher: One Man's Quest to Wash Dishes in All Fifty States on May 23rd.

The Pittsburgh City Paper reviews Intimate Apparel.

The Tony Award nominations have been announced.

Amazon is going to sell non protected music.

What sort of an advance does a Pulitzer Prize winning poet get? "Around $2000". Ouch.


Chris Griswold said...

Yes, there was a little brouhaha, but in my opinion it largely stemmed from action before discussion and my eagerness unburden myself for a while when offered the chance to do so.

I'm surprised no one I know has yet noticed that I am in the City Paper yet again this week.

Chris Griswold said...

Incidentally, I just got an associateship and full tuition to a top-five journalism school. I had initially been denied admission, but two phone calls later, I no longer have to worry about paying for school.

Chris Griswold said...

Oh, and I'm pitching comic stories to both Marvel and DC. These were among the real-life concerns the article alluded to.