Wednesday, February 14, 2007

This is a college, I told my student yesterday. Colleges don't close because there's some snow in the forecast.
Foot meet mouth.

The Barbaric Yawp Performance Series starts tomorrow at Michelle's Cafe in Clarion, Claire Donato and Julie Sokolow will be headlining. Donato works for the New Yinzer and Sokolow recorded the album Something About Violins. The show runs from 6-8.

It's never too early to start planning. Joann Wheeler, OC Arts Champion, led me to the ART of the STATE: Pennsylania 2007. It's a "Prestigious, juried exhibition open to established and emerging Pennsylvania artists" The Deadline for submission is March 19, 2007 and the show itself runs from June 9 - September 9, 2007 at the State Museum of Harrisburg, PA and carries $7,500 in awards. Applications available

Allegheny College is hoping to begin construction on the Vukovich Theatre and Communication Arts building the first of March, with plans to have it ready early in the fall 2008 semester.

Vukovich will include rehearsal and instructional areas, video production facilities and a large performance space for hosting public events. A section of the building will have a roof covered with grass, ground cover and trees, enhancing aesthetics as well as cutting energy costs

What did Ruth Lilly’s bequest of millions buy?
The Poetry Foundation functions as an operating foundation, spending most of its money on its own activities rather than on grants. . . The foundation is negotiating to buy the [twenty-five-thousand-square-foot building] for seven million dollars. There will be room for a library, offices for the magazine and the foundation, and a lecture hall. . . As Ethel Kaplan, a lawyer at a wealth-management firm and the chair of the board, put it, “Nobody wanted to sit back and read grant proposals—especially from poets.”

Speaking of money, how to spend mine? On a "Books Are Tasty" tshirt or on the snowshoes I've been lusting after?

If you've ever been to a comic convention, you know that they're sort of...creepy . And, no matter how much a youngster likes the ol' funny books, I would have serious, serious reservations about taking her there. Apparently, other people agree:
Alex Simmons announced plans to hold the first Kid's Comic Con on the campus of the Bronx Community College, April 28. The first Kids' Comic Con will feature a variety of entertaining events and demonstrations on comics aimed at kids as well as workshops and exhibits focused on using comics as an educational tool for parents, teachers and librarians.
Now how about a local con? I can remember a couple in Meadville and Erie about 20 years ago. Just please, no 30 year olds dressed as Wolverine.

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