Monday, February 12, 2007

A little less than a decade ago, I was the morning personality at WTIV. Years later I met Luke Ruot through another radio guy Todd Adkins. Now, Ruot wants to buy WTIV and turn it back into local radio, rather the bland homogenized station it is now.
In discussing the history of WTIV, Ruot commented that Bob Buchan’s sportcasting “made every kid on the field feel like a professional.” Ruot said it was personalities Tim Nelson, Ray Star and Jim “Sneezer” Snyder that made folks want to tune into WTIV. “I want people to turn on the radio and have fun,” Ruot said. “I want the station to generate a buzz. People miss hearing Clara Bell’s voice.” Ruot said he would encourage people to call in and interact with whomever was on the air. “All the stuff WTIV used to do,” Ruot said.
For more information contact Ruot at (814) 827-4784.

The Venango County Humane Society convinced some of their furry charges to dip themselves in paint to make art. Now, on April 21, Wanango Country Club has agreed to donate space for the Humane Society's first PAWcasso event where attendees will have the chance to bid on the neatly framed art through a silent auction.
The event will feature live entertainment, several other locally produced pieces of visual art in a Chinese auction, and wine and cheese.
Local artists interested in donating paintings, sculptures, photographs or any other hand-crafted visual arts for April's PAWcasso fund-raiser may call Nerlich at 432-4532.

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Jim said...

Never thought I'd read about radio in Titusville again. I currently reside in suburban Harrisburg, but i grew up near T'ville in the 60s. I always thought that for a small town WTIV was pretty entertaining radio. In particular, Tim Nelson was a real pro. I believe he died of a heart attack over 20 years ago.