Thursday, December 21, 2006

One of the cooler music stores, Oil City's Pastel Record & Music Co., in the area is closing.
There are racks of replacement pieces (violin strings to bass drum lug nuts), shelves of accessories (jars of trombone slide creams to pitch pipes), performance equipment (stereo mixers to strobe lights) and display cases full of instruments (kazoos and maracas to violins and drums).

Pittsburgh laptop artist Girl Talk's Night Ripper claimed Rolling Stone's #22 best album of the year.

Q:What's the most fun you've had this year?
A: I would have to say I just got back from Australia, three dates, and that was relatively amazing. So was getting to play with Beck. The most fun was probably the day the Steelers won the Super Bowl for me. These days my fun is hanging out in Pittsburgh when I can.

Girl Talk's next area show is March 30 at The Warhol.

If anyone's going to be in Philly on the January 16 and wants to go to a free screening of the music industry documentary B4MD, drop me a line by Friday Dec 22 at 6 pm.

Actor Ken Foree will be personally reviewing the top three winning scripts from the Eerie Horror Film Festival's 2007 Screenplay Competition .

Saturday, bring $4 and head to Meadville's Gardner Theatre (2nd floor of the Market House) from 7:00PM - 11:00PM for an evening of live music from The Company We Keep, Anne Blakeslee, Gaffer & Mean Max, The Meadowland Drive.

Venangoland has been updated with an essay on "Graffiti and the Indian God Rock."

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