Friday, December 29, 2006

The Franklin Club has closed its doors

A quick check in before the New Year.

The News Herald may be saying there's no definitive word, but when the piano movers show up in the front door, moving vans show up at the back, and employees get pink slips, you don't need to be an investigative report to know that the Franklin Club has closed its doors. I'm much sadder than I thought I would be -- I'm not a member, but as a neighbor it really seemed to have been poorly run this last year -- the parties got louder and drunker, with more complaints been phoned in, the heating and cooling systems wheezed 24/7, and really, who wants to belong to an exclusive private club that also has truckload tool sales in the parking lot? Still, a piece of Franklin history gone, for now.

In happier news, Venangoland covers Oil City's First Night.

Gov Rendell is playing coy about who will headline his arts-intensive inaguartion.

Historical fiction for hispters from Reading Rants.

That's all for now! I'll wrap up my own arts-intensive holidays after the New Year. Be safe.

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