Thursday, November 23, 2006

Well hey, Derrick and News Herald readers. Thanks for coming by. I wish I had cleaned up the place a little, but make yourself at home. Make sure you sign up for the email and the RSS feeds on the left hand side there, download the Venango Authors' bibliography, and drop me a note and tell me about any arts events thingy-s I may have been missing.

Speaking of Oil City, head out to Billy's (275 Seneca St. in Oil City) tonight to see local director Skott Smith's film Emeronn at 7:30 pm.
It's a vaguely futuristic action-drama, although it is never stated in the movie when or where the action is supposed to take place. The film is the story of a group of reservist-type soldiers called into action to help defend against an enemy attack on a remote mining colony hidden deep in a forest.

Chip and Stacy Bruestle will reopen Ricci's Restaurant & Lounge in Meadville next week. Chip was general manager of the Franklin Club in Franklin while Stacy was service manager there. Insert your own sinking ship joke.

Speaking of food, The Boston Garden deal fell through. I was wondering why the new sign had been taken down and the place was looking a little more vacant-lot-ish than usual.

Local bands ae playing again at the Franklin Presbyterian Church on Saturday. Artists include the RickDan band, Endless Mike and the Beagle Club, Kick Old Man, Waves Against Water, Meadowland Drive, and Nate Hall. Show starts at 5:30 am andthe cover is $5. I'm not really sure that having a flyer covered with devil skulls is the best way to endear themselves to their hosts, but who am I to judge.

The Elk County Council on the Arts is "just putting the finishing touches" on remodeling their gallery.

The Oil City Heritage Society and The Derrick newspaper have jointly published a 40-page tabloid featuring more than 100 vintage and newer Oil City postcards. It looks like a nice effort, but I'm biased towards the similar Arcadia line of products.

I'm still thinking of a Venango County gift basket - my criteria - it would have to be mailable (i.e. no Gahr's ham loaf) and the total should be under $100. So far, I've come up with 8 oz of coffee from Summer House Coffee roasters and a copy of Venango Tales (yes, I know there are lots of local writers, but Pete's one of the best and his books are specifically about this area.) I'm thinking, even though they've broken up, a copy of Big Jack Earl's epnonymous album (I chose it rather than Peppercorn Rent so that I could use the term "epnonymous". When Jerome Wincek releases some solo material I'd replace it with that, and I'd include Justin Parons's work too, but he's now out of Venango...) So that's what $40 so far? What else should go in? I'm thinking some maple syrup? But then again, when aren't I?

For the middle class and those who aspire to it through purchases, today is the start of the holiday shopping season. For word nerds like myself, it's the beginning of the endless "Best of 2006" lists. The NYTimes chimes in with "100 Notable Books of the Year". Mine was not included. Jerks.

The NYTimes highlights urban kayaking (ala the OC's proposed whitewater park).

A previously unpublished Eugene O'Neill short story has been discovered.


Peter A. Greene said...

You're burning my ears with all these plugs!

I would vote for one of John Karian's books for the Venangoland Basket.

Dittman said...

Good call! Is there one in particular...?What about a T. Shreve poster?

Peter A. Greene said...

I was just coming back to suggest one of Tom's poster, or one of his t-shirts. I think either of John's books would be good.