Saturday, May 27, 2006

Monarch Park, Festival Season, Desmond Dekker, and Spaulding Grey

The long defunct Venango County amusement park, Monarch Park, has inspired the theme for the Oil City Garden Club's flower show, entitled Remembering Monarch Park. Contact Rosalyn Espy at 677-3560 or Linda Morrison at 676-9763 for more info about the June 24 show:
[The park's gardens contained]Canterbury bells, snapdragons, lupines, asters, bachelor buttons, zinnias, delphinium, petunias and salvia abounded on the grounds.
Today - nothing but ruins. Create your own metaphor.

The History of Oil,” is the theme for this year’s Hydetown Firemen’s Festival, which is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, June 9-10.

Bottled Laker Erie water? Yum!

Desmond Dekker, the Jamaican singer whose 1969 hit, "The Israelites," opened up a worldwide audience for reggae and launched a thousand ska bands, died on Wednesday. He was 64. His song The King of Ska

Spaulding Grey's work will hit the stage once more. The script is made up of:

Mr. Gray's published work as well as from more personal material: diaries, unperformed stories, poems from his youth (including one called "I Loved a Midget Once") . . . even . . . from a recording Mr. Gray left for Ms. Russo just before his death, in which he announces his plans to commit suicide.

The New York Times profiles much loved, but out of print cookbooks.

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