Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ginsberg marginalia and Thomas Shreve's local abstractions

I love marginalia - my wife, a former librarian, is not so fond of it, but as I was packing up these books on Ginsberg to send back to Slippery Rock University's Bailey Library, I was enchanted to find this in the back of Thomas F. Merrill's Allen Ginsberg The writing reads, "Yellow Tiedie" [sic]. The book itself had been written in countless times, although mostly underlining and starts and the always popular freshman "yes!". But what is this mysterious sketch. A new graduation gown? A bored professor imagining what he would wear at the weekend Ren Fair? The mind, pleasantly, boggles.

If you're in Franklin this weekend, drop by the Summer House Coffee Roasters downtown on 1236 Liberty Street and check out Thomas B Shreve's City in Abstraction of Venango county landmark. It's refreshing to see these landmarks that have been done over and over again so reverently - in pewter, aluminum, photography and especially watercolors and pastels (over and over again)treated in a violent new way that really reflects the mixed feelings and uncertain future that lies beneath the placid surface of our small town. I'm really psyched about this guy's work and so will probably return to talking about it again. In the meantime, see what I mean:

Tongiht, Heidi Blakeslee hosts the Poetry Scene at the Erie Book Store. 137 E 13. Friday, May 26, 6:30-8:00. Read (or listen to) poetry by or about women, or be a woman and read original poems. Free admission.

Conneaut Lake Park has dodged the bullet again.

As comic book nerds like myself prepare our disdainful sniffs about the opening of X-Men 3, the Erie Times News reports that the actor playing colossus (the big metal guy) went to Gannon. Meanwhile /Film lists the top 10 ways to ruin a comic book movie:
Comic books are like Swiss Cheese with plot holes. It works in the medium, but in the movies it looks like bad screenwriting. I want to know how Doctor Octopus can pay for the machine that he’s building, who he’s renting the warehouse from, and from where did he order those custom-made parts that were delivered practically overnight?

USA Today lists hot summer reads.

This weekend is, of course the official summer kick off. Lots going on. Some highlights:

Tomorrow, Rochester, PA Improv group The Cellar Dwellers are appearing at 8 p.m., at Franklin's Barrow-Civic Little Theatre; $5 at the door. The troupe's myspace page is here.

The Yankee Zydeco Company shows up Saturday, May 27th at Erie's The Docksider at 10 pm until last call. It's a $3 cover and @1 and over show.


Anonymous said...

I saw shreve in The Derrick too.

Dittman said...

When was he in the Derrick? I missed it. If it weren't for my unquenchable espresso thirst, I wouldn't have seen his work!

Anonymous said...

Check police and fire calls on wednesday or thursday of last week.

Anonymous said...

You are a really big JAck KErouac Fan? He is one of my favorites too.
MY fav of his books is Big Sur