Sunday, March 12, 2006

St Pat's shows, misguided art planning and more...

Happy belated Birthday (but only by one day) to Justin from Big Jack Earl! I heard a couple of the rough mixes from the new album, and it's really good with some unexpected changes from the last (percussion!). More on that later; for now, the important thing is to know that BJE will be performing at the Shamrock in Oil City on March 17 at 9 pm. For those of us not into the green puke amateur night scene, Monday, March 20th at Slippery Rock's North Country Brewing Company at 7 pm for a free show. In both cases, tell Justin Happy Birthday and that Dittman sent ya.

This weekend's Maple Sugar Tour doesn't include any Venango stops, but I'll probably satisfy my sweet tooth - even after helping my dad make the syrup and seeing his cavalier attitude towards straining out the bugs. Sometimes it's nice to be diabetic.

Oil City is still pressing ahead with their poorly thought out "art" plan. Who is going to be in charge of this for 15K a year? It's the way things have been done with this program - half-assed.

On the other hand, the OC&T railroad has their schedule set up, including a St Patrick's run.

Tonight, Jay Parson's will be lecturing at Titusville's Drake Well Museum. March 16, 2006. He'll be speaking on "Snapshots from the Front: Letters and Photographs from World War II" In World War II the technology did not exist to send information such as pictures or letters to waiting loved ones at home. The occasional snapshot or words jotted down in a moment of quiet were all families had to look forward to. They kept these mementos as a reminder of those times of hardship and to show how the little things can carry a person through the toughest times.

Seawolves' prices are going up for Buck Night. And more than 1000 seats have been torn out. (requires registration. Might recommendnd

Pittsburgh's Jewish Film Festival kicks off this weekend -- you can pick up the schedule here

Advice from today's Pittsburgh Post Gazette about being a culturally sensitive drunk:

"Take care when ordering either an ICB or a Black and Tan, however, since both terms have been known to offend Irish bartenders. (Black and Tan was a nickname for the vicious British soldiers occupying Ireland in the early 20th century and as for ICB's, to quote an Irish waiter: "How would you feel if I came in your bar and ordered a 9/11?)"

Remember that if you decide to follow their pre-made Irish pub tour of Pittsburgh.

It's Small Press Month! Look for a pdf copy of the lit zine I edit, Curriculum, Vitae, to be posted by the end of the month.

If you know me (and you probably don't), you know that I collect gig posters . Completely unlocal, but a nice article on Canada's poster culture here.

Finally, speaking of drunks, there's still a vocal minority asking for a Jack Kerouac postal stamp. Will it be young speedy Jack or old fat right winger Jack?

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