Thursday, March 16, 2006

Iris Dement in Meadville & yinz guys tawlk funny

The Derrick gives a run-down of Oil City's St Pat's events including (snicker), The Shamrock's hosting of that "three-piece Irish folk band, 'Big Jack Earl'". I love the use of non-essential quotes there. And the fact that there's four people in the band. And they're not confined to "Irish folk". It also seems a little odd to include the Reuben as an "authentic" Irish food. Invented by Mr. O'Kulakofsky, I presume? I demand a retraction!

I'll include the obligatory St Pat's music here:
"Finnegan's Wake" from local heros Big Jack Earl (buy the album here)
"Johnson's Motorcar" by Canadian band Town Pants (buy the album here)
I couldn't bring myself to add any Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphys....

I'm almost sure someone told me about this, but I had to see it myself before it clicked with me. On April 8, Grammy winning country-folk (folk country?)musician Iris DeMent is going to be playing at Meadville's Academy Theatre. Tickets are $25. Yes, that's a little high for an artist I respect, but don't enjoy all that much, but at the same time, the proceeds benefit French Creek Conservancy, and I would like to show some support for bringing concerts into the's a conundrum; that's for sure...Call (814) 332-2946 for tickets. has signed on as a sponsor for the third Eerie Horror Film Festival, coming in October.

From the Erie Times News:
Got a song in your head? Get it out and enter it in the 2006 Erie Summer Festival of the Arts Contest. The ground rules: You must write a song about positive influences and / or experiences, like those billboards in town. Yes, that makes it pretty wide open. There's no limitation on style or instruments, either.

First prize is worth $300, plus you get to play your positive masterpiece on the main stage during the festival. Second place is worth $200, while third place gets $100.

Submit a CD or cassette of your song and a copy of the lyrics (instrumentals are eligible, too) and send it to Song Contest Office, Dr. Carl Hultman, Gannon University, Erie, PA 16541. You must also include all the songwriters' names, contact information, and a SASE mailer if you want your music returned.

The song contest is sponsored by JazzErie and the Summer Festival of the Arts

I was planning on going to the Movies at Meadville this weekend to see V because Alan Moore is sort of role model for me. (that's irony) But the reviews have been so dismal (and with the sour taste of League of Extraordinary gentlemen still rotting in my mouth), I'll shift my fanboy distopian drool to A Scanner Darkly.

Finally, the most dubious news story of the day has to come from the NYTimes - People from Pittsburgh talk funny.

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