Saturday, January 07, 2006

We change our grease twice a week

How can you tell when you're reading a local restaurant review? When the phrase, "We change our grease twice a week," is used as high praise.

Franklin and Oil City are busy throwing money at consultants to bring small quirky stores to their downtown. Meanwhile, it's happening organically in Meadville.

Via Erie Blogs: Tickets for the Nine Inch Nails March 7th show in Erie go on sale Saturday, January 14th. This show WILL sell out.
I'd add though that this Erie Civic Center show goes on pre-sale for "fan club" (aka "The Spiral") on the 11th. For $30/year this hooks you up with among other benefits, access to designated (members only) spiral entrance at venues on day of show, so it might be worth it for die-hard fans. The opening has yet to be announced, and yes, Trent is originally from the area, fill in your own, "my friend's friend used to hand out with him and...." story.

Finally, non-locally:
Thought the erosion of privacy was scary before - how about data mining Amazon wishlists to find people who like "subversive" books?


Anonymous said...

In general - no college or university - no growth. Hiring outside consultants rarely yields results

Dittman said...

I couldn't agree more (says the consultant!). It breaks my hear to see these small towns throwing bags of money at these guys (and ladies). It's "Trouble Right Here in River City" each time...