Friday, January 06, 2006

Best local headline this morning? The Clarion News' "County appoints King following Pope resignation"

The 2006 Eerie Horror Film Festival has officially opened its call for entries and is seeking independently produced feature length and short horror/sci-fi films and screenplays from around the world. The 2006 Eerie Horror Film Festival will be held October 4-8, in Erie, Pennsylvania. They announced their first ever Student Film Competition for ages 5 - 17 as well as more stream-lined and easy to understand submission categories. Submission categories for the 2006 Eerie Horror Film Festival are Horror Feature; Horror Short; Experimental Horror Feature; Experimental Horror Short; Psychological Horror Feature; Psychological Horror Short; Sci-Fi Feature; Sci-Fi Short; Animated Horror Feature; Animated Horror Short; Horror Comedy Feature; Horror Comedy Short; Student Horror Feature; Student Horror Short; Foreign Horror Feature; Foreign Horror Short; Short Screenplay; Feature Length Screenplay. They will also accept horror related documentaries. (via erieblogs)
Don't forget there's less than a week left to vote for the Bloggies.

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