Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bud Post and dreams of a new Erie Weekly paper.

Was it just me, or did the Franklin News Herald's photo of recently dead millionaire look like a study for a Chuck Close print?

via erieblogs.com
saw on WSEE that the Erie Times-News is laying-off 24 employees.
Hmmm, does it have anything to do with the writing? I mean, they do a great job with the listings of events, but for example, how about this article. You know the one by, ahem, "Dr. Rock", detailing that the way to keep the kids in Erie - is Jazz? The one that includes writing like, "Jazz is not only alive in the region, it's exploding like a John Coltrane sax solo." - insert derisive snort here.

I'd love to see Erie get a weekly alternative paper. A couple of years ago, I even put together a business plan for one, as an exercise (yes, when it comes to the arts, I really am that nerdy). Now if I just had a rich dad to bankroll it. Or a sugar momma. There is a market for one (an alt weekly, not a sugar momma) and Erie could support one (again the paper, not the momma), so perhaps this bad news for Erie Times News is good news for the region's media consumers. Certainly a little competition never hurt anyone....

Finally, not arts related, but still sounds like a lot of fun :
A dodgeball tournament to benefit Saegertown High School girls softball and volleyball teams is Jan. 28 and 29 at French Creek Valley Christian School. The tournament is open to all ages. Cost for a team of six players is $30 and $50 for the business tournament. On Saturday, the divisions include: fifth- and eighth-grade girls, fourth- to sixth-grade boys, seventh- to eighth-grade boys, and men 35 and over. On Sunday, the divisions include: ninth- to 12th-grade girls, ninth- to 12th-grade boys, open division, and women over 35 (teams of six must include three grade school girls). Team applications are due Jan. 25.

- More information or for an application: Call Wally Schultz at 763-6721.

If only, I had five friends...


Shannon said...

Interesting that they're laying off 24 people when they just brought me on as obituary writer. Right now I'm through Career Concepts, but still...why lay off people if they can use them in other departments?

Dittman said...

I can only guess that they're getting rid of people with benefits and salaries - as a temp you're probably cheaper to keep around than hiring someone full time. BTW, your job sounds fascinating! I keep looking for a post on your blog on what it's like...or you could always guest blog on vengago-go and tell us whatthe life of an obit writer is like!