Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Pandas in Titusville and Blog Depression

Caught Big Jack Earl at the Summer House Coffee shop last week. Great as usual with a new website. Check out their songs So Long and Finnegan's Wake They're appearing at the Drake's Follie (sic) Festival at Titusville's Four Sons Brewing on August 13th, but how do you choose between that and The Tempest?
Speaking of Titusville, as I was reading the NYT this weekend (side note: I go into Shop N Save to by the NYT - every week for the past month it's been the same. The cashier can't believe it's $5. Last week:
"$5? Is that right?"
"Yep," I say .
"Are there lots of coupons?"
"Nope, none."
"Why buy it then?"
"I like to read. It's thick, and I used to the live in Manhattan, so it's nice to find out what's going on..."
"When I get home, I'm going to tell my wife that I met a guy who pays $5 for a newspaper with no coupons."
You do that.)
and in the Book Review, in a review of The Lady and the Panda
the review casually questions, "Just how did a restless girl from Titusville, Pa., (emphasis mine) become a clotheshorse and adventuress?" A damn fine question say I! The truth undoubtedly falls into the "If it ain't oil related it don't exist" mindset of the local tourism people. Which is too darn bad, because I don't see a whole lot of petroleum based tourists wandering our streets...
I'll try to find a copy of the book and post a review. Unless of course you want to buy it for me, or anything else on my wish list ;)
Culture and entertainment posts on deck for tomorrow. In the meantime, you may want to check out this pamphlet on Blog Depression - The Blog you save may be your own...

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