Monday, July 25, 2005

A while between updates - you know how summer gets.
Educating Rita Thursday night at Franklin's Barrow Civic Little Theatre was super - a smallish crowd which makes me think maybe summer theatre has too much going against it to be viable in small towns. Or maybe the disparate theatre groups just need to share mailing list and pool PR efforts....
Friday my daughter and I took off to pick up Tempest posters, and then headed off to the Bell's Comics in Grove City where we found out that two of the few comics she's interested in (Rogue and Emma Frost) have been canceled. Sigh.
Luckily for me though, back issues were half off - so I stalked up on 25 year old Daredevils and Uncanny X-Men to fill holes in my collections and also picked up a Mignola Batman, a Hellboy series, and the very cool The Crew series which tapped into the even cooler Truth Red White and Blue series which envisions the Captain America mythos in a Tuskegee Experiment lens. I'm such a geek.
Had planned to go to Presque Isle a couple times last week, but high fecal bactriforms make me grumpy, so I stayed home and let my nerves about the Discover Presque Isle Open Water Swim build.
Buy enough about me.
Meadville's getting a strip club on August 5th- I'm so out of the loop, I thought they had one. Shows how often I put dollars into garters...Diane Gramley pops up in the Erie Times News coverage. Sheesh, does this lady ever rest? I thought Santorum said good Christian women should sit quietly at home...
The Meadville Trib also had a good piece on the recent Blue Streak Marathon.
So long Hot Lips! Also in Meadville, (do I note a theme, man, mention strippers and I'm all over the local news)the Academy Theatre has canceled their fancy main stage summer season. Apparently, from the comments on the story, there's some sort of sinister political machinations, regarding Michael Moore, but I'm out of the loop on that one. I can say that, lots of local theatre people, both performers and aficionados, were very envious of the program and the fact that it failed doesn't make me too confident about the support for local theatre....
Lots of pros are griping about the lousy fishing at the Pittsburgh Bassmaster Classic.

Around the web, should student's summer reading list include The Rap Canterbury Tales?

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