Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Shakespeare in the Park - Day One

First real rehearsals for The Tempest last night, (Franklin's Shakespeare in the Park performance the first weekend in August). It's difficlt with Act I Scene II pretty much just Prospero's expostion of the story; it's a challenge to make the movements on stage natural and attractive.
Next rehearsal tomorrow night - should be fun: it's Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo night - the drunken fools. The characters I mean. I'll take some shots and post them.
The rough part is that since it's also Thursday on The Sidestreet Next To The Vacant Lot - that means there's a concert after (Silver Crononet Band) and that means we can't use the bandstand to rehearse. It's an oddly hamstrung feeling having to run rehersals in a space where you won't be perofming.
Meanwhile, the NYT isn't too fond of the current revivial of As You Like It. Here as well.

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