Monday, July 11, 2005

Pork and the Fantastic Four

I was bummed to see that my Representative John Peterson was #1 on this month’s GQ's “Four Recent Lowlights from the World of Pork” for his pimping of poor ol’ Phil the Groundhog to defend federal funding for the Punxsutawney Weather Discovery Cennter You can send him (John, I mean: the bigger, less hairy one) a note here, telling him how much you apprecitate the good PR for our struggling area. If Peterson sees his shadow, it means 10 more years of deficit.

But enough of politics. On to more important things. I went to see thr Fantasic Four today. About what I expected, which is to say not much. The most impressive part, for me was the overwhelming product placement. What was cool was seeing Eric Day, author of the Fifth Crystal and a good friend in the audience. I tied to keep my jujube throwing to a minimum in deference.

On Thursday the SCA takes to the lawn of the Franklin Public Library(421 12th Street (814) 432-5062). It's part of the Library's summer reading progrma, which, back in the day, I took part in, even way after the point that it was age appropraite. Since it's Thursday, it also means that vendors will be on the depressiing vacant lot across from the library next to the bar that opens at 8 am in the morning. Sigh.
At 7:30 the Silver Coronet Band takes the bandstand. Again. I know they're great. I know they have a rich tradition, but variety at the bandstand is nice...

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