Monday, June 06, 2005

Hot days in Appalachia

So the Scholastic sale was a very long 5 hours today. A little more advertising would have helped to bring people in It wasn’t as brutally hot on the non-air conditioned third floor as I had feared - the windows were open and there was a light breeze. I may have been cranky because of the fact that I wanted to pick up copies of His Dark Materials, which was not to be found, nor were any good graphic novels (anime or otherwise) available.
Oh well...I did use the time to finish condensing The Tempest ( I know, I know blasphemy, but it needs to be down to an hour and fifteen - so I cut the wedding masque (which I've always hated) and, dare I say it, the usurping prince subplot. I just wasn't feeling it...
More importantly, in my downtime, I picked up the April 2005 issue of National Geographic Traveler. Aside from my disgust at the article written about Appalachia (guess what? Hill folk are poor but proud, drink moonshine, eat squirrel, and every night gather in the country store for some fiddlin’. The author could have written the author from her New York City apartment relying only on The Big Book of Stereotypes and I’m not so sure she didn’t) but also at the fact that someone had stolen the Discover Appalachia map inside; luckily there’s an interactive map on the web. I wanted to see what was included from our area. It’s a mixed bag: Pittsburgh and Erie get the short shrift, but The Oil City and Titusville Railroad, the Meadville Market House and the Erie National Wildlife Refuge (which isn't in Erie) get shoutouts. There's also an extended list of sites here.

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