Sunday, June 05, 2005

Franklin Library Sale and a Pittsburgh State of Mind

Don't forget the FPL's Scholastic sale this week - it's buy one get one free and I'll be manning the tables tomorrow from 12-5. Stop by and tell me how much you love Venangago-go and I'll give you my book recommendations. Requested or not. If you're under 18, you can still enter Scholastic's Harry Potter essay contest.

Also tomorrow, the 360 Mentor Center Skateboard Park at 639 12th Street begins summer hours. Grommets need signed parental permission and it runs $1.00/day or $30.00/summer pass. For further information call 814/432-9878.

I'm in a Pittsburgh state of mind today - it's the arts festival of course. Last year I missed Wilco; this year I'll be missing the Drive By Truckers. If you can, make the drive.
But even more than that, I'm interested in the fact that the Senior Games are taking place there. The Post Gazette has sort of snarky backhanded "happy article" about it (using every AARP related joke they could think of - it's like listening to the worst Leno monologue ever) , but the important part of it is that, for Pittsburgh, the games are a stepping stone. Freddie Fu, cyclist and doctor, has been pushing for the Olympics in Pittsburgh for a couple years now and this is a nice step towards it. Add the senior games to the recently announced BassMaster tournament and there's a pattern developing. I wonder why the our Oil Heritage tourism board doesn't have a member on the Pittsburgh Local organizing Committee - if the Pan Am Games for instances did come to the region they woudn't just be in Pittsburgh, they'd be spread out - why not having Mountain Biking here - or be really forward thinking and start planning to build a velodrome.

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