Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weekend preview: The Transit Building

It's no great surprise that I spend a lot of time both pushing to help to create and define the art scene here and complaining when things slow down.  So, yeah the fact that so much is going on this weekend in Oil City is really, really pleasing to me. 

Friday and Saturday from 11-7 pm is the Silent Auction in the Transit Studios.  Some of the work up for bidding includes:

IMG_6419“Z is for Zombie” by John Manders
IMG_6429“Day of the Dead” by Joann Wheeler
IMG_6414“Untitled” by Carol McDonald

IMG_6413 "Copper" by George Cooley
IMG_6417“I Need to Connect” by Heather McFadden and “Untitled” by Margaret Brostrom

On Friday at 5 pm in the Transit, Artisan Raven McClain will demonstrate plaster life casts, the process of molding a leather mask, and seasonal mask decoration while explaining cultural and ritual uses of masks through the centuries.  Children must be accompanied by an adult.  Donations accepted.  

At 7pm on Friday across town at Clarion University-Venango Campus, singer-songwriter Namoli Brennet plays a free show.

From 11 –7pm Saturday, Heather McFadden will be showing her Homage to the Surrealists installation involving free food in the dark. 

In this installation, McFadden aims to explore the differences between the perception of the senses and how that affects how an audience interacts with a piece. The experience for the viewer begins outside the door of the exhibit at night time. There is a sign beside the outside of the door that says “Pick a flashlight.”

Each flashlight has a different colored filter on it. On the door there is a sign that states “Enter. Free Food.” The viewer opens the door and realizes they are stepping into a pitch dark environment. They only have their flashlight and others which is still dimmed a bit by the filter.  The soft colored light of the flash lights and aromas of the food lead them through each station. They exit through the same door when they are ready and write down or are audio recorded on their thoughts about the exhibit.

The “Art” of this installation is the experience. It is also the renewed visual appreciation of the food they ate through a different way of perceiving the food. Also, the recorded experience, and the recorded aftermath for online viewing becomes a part of this.

At 5 pm on Saturday, there’s an all ages show at the Transit Great Room featuring Remora Deign, Amerikan Lite, Last Time I Checked, Justin Toxicated, Made Not Born, William James $5 at the door $4 if you’re in costume.

As always, you can find specifics and directions at the venangago-go events calendar.

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