Monday, January 02, 2012

So long....

Well, it's been fun, but is closing up shop. Thanks for all the fun. Make sure to bookmark - debuting in two weeks!



sorry hear mate - look forward to the new site ;-)

Justin Hoenke said...

I'm very sad to see this blog go away, but I totally understand. It was something I read all the time and it made me feel so much part of the NWPA music scene. Thanks Michael.

John Edwards said...

Dude! Is this still up enough that you are getting these comments? I certainly hope so.
I never knew you were out there. Writing for Showcase is like shouting down a well. You think no-BODY is reading your stuff.
And here I find you've been all engaged and stuff. Disapprovingly, sure, but, alright, fine, whatever.
Yeah, Cabinets of Curiosity probably was wildly mediocre. I can't wait to get home and see if I can dig it up and re-read it. I almost never get a reason to re-read old stuff.
And yeah, I was probably being grumpy about the Spring Show, whatever yeah that was. The SS always made me grumpy. Which is why I burned that bridge a while ago.
Anyway, the new Wordpress thing isn't up yet, I take it.
Let me know.
John Edwards

Rs To Gold said...

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