Tuesday, February 01, 2011

REVIEW: “The Facebook Marketing Book” by Dan and Amy Zarella

Too many artists feel forced  into the idea of social media, throw up a Facebook “presence” and then are underwhelmed that “it doesn’t seem to be working”.  Although aimed at a marketing/small-business audience, Dan and Amy Zarella’s The Facebook Marketing Book is an invaluable primer for those artists looking to make or make their online presence an integral part of their self-marketing program.


It tends to be seen as a distasteful truth, but an artist is a small business.  To pretend otherwise is to invite failure from the start.  A Facebook profile is so easy to create that it can seem foolproof, but it’s a bit like running – lots of people can do it, but not many people do it so well that others sit up and take notice. The text starts with the basics – the things most neophytes get wrong when they start – should an artist have a page or group, how events can be created and marketed.  However, sadly, the nuts and bolts of actual hands-on app creation are left out.

Many artists are coming to understand sites like Facebook as an integral part of the future as traditional exhibit and PR streams dry up.  O’Reilly’s The Facebook Marketing Book can be a guidebook for the new horizon.  Is the book vital?  No.  It covers a lot of ground that can be found elsewhere and doesn’t contain anything for the power user.  But for artists unfamiliar with Facebook who are looking to kickstart the process this could just what they need.

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