Friday, July 02, 2010

July 2, 2010–Summer Reading List

A quick bit of self-indulgence here as paying jobs have been sealing me away from blogging.  Here’s mine – I’d love to hear what’s on yours or comments on mine.  


The Printer's Devil







  Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell






         Cloudsplitter: A Novel




  Letters from a Stoic







Dead Souls: A Novel







  American Rust: A Novel





     Facing East from Indian Country: A   Native History of Early America






The Point of Pittsburgh: Production and Struggle at the Forks of the Ohio

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Peter A. Greene said...

I read the Strange and Norrell book last summer and despite all the hype, I was really unimpressed. I was tempted to pack it in multiple times, but am generally uninclined to let any book kick my ass.

The payoff at the end was not bad at all, but the cost of getting there was, for me, far too great.

Right now I'm in the middle of The Bone Rattler by Eliot Pattison. He's best known for his Inspector Shan series of Chinese/Tibetan mysteries, but this is the first in a series set in PA during the French and Indian war. So far it's pretty cool, though he has borrowed a lot from himself for this new series.