Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 17, 2009 – Local Quilt Show, Rumors, and Free and Legal Downloads

Web series Ylse is looking for unsigned musical artists for consideration on YLSE Season 2.   All genres in English and/or Spanish are welcome.  Second season to premiere June 2009 on the World Wide Web, via Youtube, iTunes and

Send links to your music to or email us your MP3.

Deadline for submissions: June 1, 2009.

Local electronica artist Policy Overkill is rumored to have a new album in the works. 

Butler’s A Voice like Rhetoric has free downloads available. 

Michelle's Cafe in Clarion will be showing the work of local quilter Alice McGunigle until the end of the month. (map)

Free and Legal Downloads:

  Martin Sexton Live at Speedway Meadow - Life Is Good Festival on May 16, 2009

  Coldplay – Left Right Left Right Left (requires email address)

   North Mississippi Allstars Live at Highline Ballroom on April 9, 2009

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