Friday, February 27, 2009

February 27, 2009 – Oil City nings it up, Philip Jose Farmer is dead and Free and Legal Downloads

Oil City Main Street has a ning group.

Marvel has ended its policy of accepting unsolicited art submissions

RIP  Philip José Farmer:

His first success came in 1952 with a story called “The Lovers,” about a man seduced by an alien with an unusual reproductive system. The story was rejected by the two leading science fiction editors; both said that its graphic description of interspecies sex made them physically ill.

Fan Cinema Today wraps up its week of Watchmen fan films.

Small Beer Press has made their back catalog available via Scribd.

Urban Velo is a cycling magazine from Pittsburgh - free downloads of back issues are avialable here.

The CBS pilot "Three Rivers" will film in Pittsburgh.  Local extras, prepare yourselves!

Steven Colbert interviews the mayor of Braddock, John Fetterman.  Although it’s not mentioned here, arts revitalization has played a large role in the remaking of the scarred former industrial town:


Free and Legal Downloads:

   Hayseed Dixie Live at Picturedrome on July 6, 2008

  North Mississippi Allstars Live at Metro on November 7, 2001

  Godspeed You Black Emperor! Live at Merjeriet on April 3, 2002


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Thanks for the plug; much appreciated!
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Well deserved! I love your site and would love to put together a Fan Film Fest for NWPA!