Sunday, August 17, 2008

If you haven't dropped by End Bigotry in Venango County lately, you might want to. The direction of the blog has changed pretty dramatically and it's turning into a very satisfying and thoughtful read.

"Wildcatter Country", WKQW 1120 AM changed its format oldies over the weekend. Clarion County Broadcasting purchased the stations for $540,000 in 2005 and changed the FM to adult contemporary and the AM to classic country from its previous format of news talk.

GeekDad asks, "What do you do when your kids like a writer who's a jerk?"

One of the schools for which I teach is usually waaayyy behind the tech curve. I was heartened though, to hear they're using Zimride in the fall.

ScreamingTikiCon comes to the Youngstown area in the fall with two, count 'em two Catwomen.

Free and Legal Downloads:

3,000 free MP3s from Amazon. Allow me to recommend Billie Holiday's Troubled Souls, and Mahalia Jackson's Dig a Little Deeper

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