Friday, August 22, 2008

August 22, 2008

Thanks to everyone who signed on to venangago-go's facebook blog network.

It's not too late (or too early, really) to sign up for the Cranberry Festival Art Show and Exhibit which runs from September 18-20.

Missed one yesterday, Secretly Plotting Your Burial is playing Oil City's Howling Dog Cafe Saturday from 8-10 pm. No cover.

Bands, make sure you get in on the weekly listings by sending your gigs with time, location and cost to me

Happy Birthday Ray Bradbury!

Another Day at the Nothing Factory
is Eroyn Franklin's Xeric- winning stunning cut paper graphic novel. Think Winsor McKay and Kara Walker's love child) (Artsy sexual imagery follows link).

Free and Legal Downloads:

Delta Spirit - "Trashcan" from Ode to Sunshine

Joey Ryan - "Let You Go (UK Bonus Session)"from ...with its roots above and its branches below

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