Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why I Failed

I picked up my work from the Cellar Dweller’s Theatre space last night. To me, it wasn’t a successful show – I know it sounds philistine, but I didn’t sell a single photo. So, when I fail like this – I sit back and reflect (ironically, I do the same thing when I succeed, I guess them idea here is that I am crippling self aware. Not that it ever help me). Here’s what I would have done differently:

1. Know the space better before going in. – I probably would have brought down five more pieces and arranged the whole show in a more flowing manner had I understood that patrons would actually be forced to walk past the pieces on their way to their seats – I should have use that pre-imposed order to my benefit.

2. Improved signage. – I didn’t bring down title / price cards at all, so casual viewers had no idea what they were looking at, or how much it cost for them to take it home.

3. Be more of a hard-nose about internet usage. Some of the shots are being used by various people without permission in their internet sites and promo materials, devaluing them overall. Ironically, I’m pretty open to people using my work as long as they ask and credit me. I’m thinking it’s time for me to start using digital watermarks.

4. More take-away copies of the artist’s statement placed at the door so people could grab them and have a better idea of the project’s goals.

5. Remember a guest book – I left the guest book at home during the set-up and never had a chance to bring it back down. I should have dropped it in the mail for the space owners to place out. By not doing so, I robbed myself of a valuable source of email and other contact information.

6. Insist on an opening (even if it meant buying the box wine myself) – believe it or not, I am an introvert who deals with some pretty heavy anxiety in public situations. But, an opening allows so much networking, it was silly of me not to work something out. I let my fear control me and lost opportunities because of it.

The project – documenting the arts in Venango County -- continues. Please contact me if you’re an artist who wants to be included, if you’re interested in bringing the show to your space, or if you’re interested in purchasing some pieces. What have I forgotten – artists of all stripes, what have you learned that is vital to being successful? Leave your tips in the comments.

ErieBlogs.com's video of the week is this (kinda shaky) view of the Erie Art Museum's exhibit of works by local artist Joseph Plavcan (1908–1981).

Postsecret is coming to Clarion University on October 16th

If I were a lady (and not a tramp, guffaw, guffaw) this is the dress I would wear all summer long.

Fly your camera on a kite.

From Bruce and Gwen Kahler, owners of Brother Bean Global Coffee House:

A group of young traveling musicians is looking for handy-man work while in the area. They love to sing for their suppers but sometimes just need cash to fill up that gas tank, especially when driving an old city bus. You can contact them if you have a paying general labor job needed to be done around the house or farm, and as a special treat I'm sure they'd throw in some singing for you. The instruments in their creative collection includes two accordions, didgeridoos, mandolin, hurdy gurdy, jaw harp, harmonica, banjo, and good old fashioned vocal harmonies. This group is comprised of strong men and hardworkin' women that have various construction and handy-man experience. They'll be in the area for your convenience for a week or two, hoping to make enough money for some to head west and some to head east. If you desire entertainment feel free to sit around and listen to stories of the open road while they carry out your tasks.

You may email Abigail at
tentoesfabulous@gmail.com or call her at 814-657-6339 to schedule them to work for you!

T-Shirt of the week? Animals with Eyepatches.

Free and Legal Downloads:

Dawn Chorus' first two self-released records as free mp3 downloads.

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