Monday, May 19, 2008

The Derrick examines Oil City Council's response to the idea of making support for the Arts Revitalization project vocal and official.

Got too much time and money? The Clarion Area Chamber of Business & Industry is searching for an organization to take over the First Night New Year's Eve celebration.

The Vindicator takes a look at the new exhibits at New Castle's Hoyt Institute featuring works by Sun Young Kang, Brenda Bates Clark, Michele Perelman and Jack Carlton through June 27.

And while we're talking about the Vindy, how about this headline,
"Oakland’s ‘Full Monty’: too long, but enjoyable"
I amuse me.

Temporal Things blogger Ollie points the way towards The Black Oven, a blog that combines baking and black metal:

Despite their traditional significance, I consider red velvet cake to be one of the more menacing desserts. I assure you that lurking beneath the moist and dainty surface there is a wretched force to be reckoned with.

These confections are sinister entities, thinly veiled under a cloak of cream cheese innocence.

Deceptive, yet somehow charming, they will make you pray for Ragnarok.

Threadless is now offering limited edition prints of some of their designs. Oh why, oh why must I be poor?

Did you know Brother From Another Planet is in the Public Domain? I didn't either, but it is and you can watch it:

or download it. Free and legally, because that's how I roll.

Fred Oakman, vocalist for Meadville's Signal Home, has developed a side solo project.

Free and Legal Downloads

Robyn Hitchcock Live at Borders Books on November 2, 2004

...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead Live at Waterloo Records on March 28, 2005

Guster Live at Fenix Underground on March 11, 2000

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