Friday, May 16, 2008

2 and half hours in the dentist chair yesterday, but I think the problem has been solved. Now, I just need to deal with my clove oil addiction.

It's a cold rainy morning for Bike To Work Day, but I was psyched yesterday to see a young-ish woman riding a green fixed wheel bike past Shop and Save. Nice! The bike, not the woman. Although I'm sure she was very nice and pretty, but like the emotionally stunted eight year old that weeps inside me, I was fascinated by the machinery more than the flesh. (And in a motorized note, is that a Honda Ruckus the French Creek Cafe is using for deliveries? That, my friend, is a butch scooter.)

The Franklin Public Library's used book sale starts tomorrw during library hours. I'll be volunteering there on the 20th from 3-5 pm, so drop by and say hello. I'll be your BFF if you bring a reusable bag instead of relying on plastic.

Erie's Photomedia Center's 2008 Juried Exhibition is now open for submissions

Today is the Post Gazette's big Summer Times issue and there's lots of arty stuff amongst the chaff.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and are launching Pittsburgh Rocks -- an online battle of the bands in which voters decide the winner.

The Post Gazette reviews the Carnegie International:

The vulnerability of many works, intensified by their inherent poetry, is physical as well as dialogical, and invites intimacy.

Oh, That Mary Thomas. It's like her prose went to grad school in the early 90s and never really left. You see it now and again in Oakland, grey in its beard, a dogeared copy of Artforum in its cargo pockets, Birkenstocking between study carrels and huddles of smokers, talking loudly about shows it hasn't seen and explaining why it hasn't watched TV. Ever.

American Eagle's New American Music Union festival go on sale today for the two day "festival" August 8th and 9th in Pittsburgh, and although the Post Gazette calls the lineup, "shockingly good" , I say, "meh" to Bob Dylan and His Band, The Raconteurs, Gnarls Barkley, The Roots, Spoon, The Black Keys, Black Mountain, The Duke Spirit, NASA, Tiny Masters of Today.

Not a damn thing I haven't heard before.

The 48 Hour Film Project returns to Pittsburgh for a second year, with the competition taking place in early June rather than early August.

Jessica Lee , formerly of Franklin, will be performing for free as part of Pittsburgh's 2008 Courtyard Series at the Allegheny Courthouse Noon on Friday June 21st. You can buy her CDs locally at Callaghan's Pharmacy in Franklin.

Next Thursday May 22, is the WYEP Music Taste Test from 6-7:30 pm at the WYEP Community Broadcast Center.

Have you ever wondered how WYEP DJs choose the music you hear on the station? Well, here’s your chance to find out during a fun, informal happy-hour-style event!

The WYEP gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how WYEP DJs select the music on 91.3fm. This new workshop gives you the chance to listen to brand new music and participate in a candid discussion about the songs and artists you hear on the air. And best of all, tasty eats and beverages will be provided while you check out the music in a fun group setting at the WYEP Community Broadcast Center.

Sign up for the WYEP Music Taste Test

I probably wouldn't make a special trip, but if you're already in the area, for something else, it might make a nice pre-event nosh.

Okkervill River's WYEP in studio performace

The Boston Phoenix takes a look at one of my current obsessions - the Steampunk movment.

Free and Legal Downloads

Animal Liberation Orchestra Live at The Mystic Theatre on February 16, 2008

Chicago Afrobeat Project Live at The Bottleneck on April 11, 2008


condatis said...

Wow! I had to google fixed-wheel and Ruckus. lol I'll skip the fixed wheel. My $10 salvation army bike is good enough but I like that Ruckus. :)

Oh - and will you go early and save some good books for me at the library? New family rule - no family reunions, road trips, etc. when FPL is having a book sale.

Tip to anyone wanting BFF status - if you aren't a bag-o-holic like myself you can go to salvation army or goodwill and get a couple/few bags for the price of one generic, grocery store reusable bag.

Thanks for the Jessica Lee tip.

Dittman said...

I went to the FPL preview sale. What a zoo! They let dealers in which just angered me to no end as tehy zipped by like roaches when the light goes on filling their boxes full of whatever their bar code machines told them to. Ugh.
I scored a copy of MFK Fisher's Sister Age, The WPA Guide to Texas, and Philbrick's In The Heart of Sea and was sorely tempted by a 1950-ish book called "Japanese are LIke That".