Friday, April 04, 2008

I don't know about you, but this has been an absolutely awful week. I can't wait for what I'm hoping will be the relative calm of the weekend. Lots of stuff going on and coming up, so pay attention!

Venangoland has a fascinating post up (reprinted from a 2004 News Herald column) about a group of mystics who used to call Venango home.

Speaking of mystics, the Butler Paranormal Conference is tomorrow at the Tanglewood Senior Center, Lyndora, PA. $5 at the door. I want to believe, but mostly, I just want to mock to boost my own low self esteem.

Some fantastic local artsy news this morning - The Oil City Public Library has (finally) hired a director with a MLS which will rectify some sticking points with grants and such. And, the Barrow Civic has announced their new general manager and it's not a local hire! Repeat after me - new blood is healthy for a community!

Veteran Status now has T-shirts available on thier merch page.

Skate Erie is celebrating a 15K grant from the City of Erie

Two fantastic summer opportunities for area college students:

The Pennsylvania Downtown Center (PDC) partnered with Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful to develop a service learning internship program for college students.

Interns will work with the community to create a mural for the historic Guthrie Theatre, the keystone of downtown Grove City. Key components of this project include developing a mural theme using both the community’s and the wall-owner’s input, as well as engaging the community in painting the mural. Interns will develop the project workplan, lead community planning meetings to create a mural design, recruit and engage volunteers and plan an unveiling event during the internship.

Also, avaialable is placement in Meadville, where interns will help project partners refine the mural concept to capture Meadville’s history as a manufacturing community and birthplace of the zipper. Interns also will play an integral role in developing and implementing mural workshops to engage local youth in the mural process, from concept to install. Read between the Signs (RBTS) represents a community-based public art project that demonstrates the importance of collaboration and reuse.

Visit to download the application packet.

Dionne's Project, Carlow University's student group for the prevention and awareness of violence against women, is putting together a literary anthology with a June 15th, 2008 deadline.
Send up to 3 poems or pages of poetry and/or 3 pages of prose, double space, 12 point font to Angela (editor of the anthology) Carlow University Press is publishing the anthology, which will be released in January 2009 with a public reading in October, during PAAR's Week of No Violence.

Meg Allison will appear at Clarion University–Venango Campus on Friday, April 18, 2008, at 7 p.m. The performance will be held in the 4th floor lounge of Montgomery Hall and is free and open to the public. Preview (and buy) her music at CDBaby.

ARTS Oil City is bringing Marian Van Landingham, founding member of the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA. to a community information meeting on April 19 at 9:30 a.m. in the Great Room of the National Transit Building.

Ms. Van Landingham’s presentation will cover the history and development of the nationally-known art space in Virginia and the impact of the arts on the community.

The meeting will be followed by a tour of the studios in the National Transit Annex. Artist-tenants including Lineman Porcelain Memories, Four Seasons Creations, Art Glass Restoration, Carol McDonald, Reggie Thomas, Jim Kronmiller, and others will be present to show and explain their work and to welcome interested members of the public to their studios.

Artists and community members interested in the development of the arts are invited to participate. Coffee and refreshments will be served. There is no charge, but a donation to cover expenses is welcome. Please call 676-5303 if you plan to attend.

The Oil Valley Center for the Arts is expanding, and is looking for new instructors. The Center is holding a meeting in the Great Room of the historic National Transit Building (206 Seneca St, Oil City) on Friday April 25th at 7pm for those who might be interested in teaching.

If you plan to attend the April 25th meeting, please leave a message on the Center's phone, 814-676-1509. If you're interested but cannot attend, please contact Anita Roby-Lavery at 814-677-3795 or at

The Independent profiles the rise of concert promoter Live Nation.

. . .a whole generation of music fans don't pay to download songs. They do pay to go see their favourite artists perform live, or for a T-shirt. Major artists might now get three-quarters of their income from touring.

The TV show Deal or No Deal will be holding an open casting call in Pittsburgh on Saturday, April 12th. They are currently looking for people in Pittsburgh with production assistant/intern experience to work on the call. Responsibilities will include wrangling auditioners, assisting with interviews and possibly camera work . Pay is at a base rate of $125/12 hours with overtime beyond 12 hours. Lunch will be provided. Workers must be 18 years or older.

Anyone interested should email a resume to as soon as possible. Include the word PITTSBURGH in the subject.

Free and Legal Downloads:
For National Poetry Month:
Allen Ginsburg - "Howl" (mp3)

Someone emailed me about the okkervill song I posted yesterday (in a positive way). If you too enjoyed it, you might want to check out the
Golden Opportunities Mixtape recorded by the band live 2006-2007. It too is free and legal.

Mekons Leicester, England March 15, 2008

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