Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I was remiss in my review of the "Start Your Day with newmen" not to mention that the EP and the rest of their oeuvre can be purchased from their MySpace page, or at Brother Bean (2803 SR 257, Seneca, PA 16346).

The NYTimes heads to Holiday Valley and pronounces it discovered but unspoiled. Much like myself.

The US has more employed choreographers than metal-casters, so why do our leaders still ignore culture workers and pretend it's 1967?

A Clarion University theater professor and student received awards at a regional competition at CMU.

Jerome Wincek and the Old Hats has new downloadable live tracks at their MySpace apge

Are crime books easier to write than 'serious' novels?

Is Sci-Fi the Last Bastion of Philosophical Writing?

Free and Legal Downloads

Miles Davis, Juan-Les-Pins, France on 1969-07-25

Calexico Live at White Stage, Roskilde Festival on 2000-07-01

..And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead Live at Emo's on 2005-09-16

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