Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another great local example of spending endless hours and funds to create a fantastic product, then making sure that no one outside of the area will know about it or be able to buy it.

Meadville officials say their iVotronic touch-screen voting machines work perfectly, but the NYT thinks otherwise:

Given the concerns about the lack of a paper trail on the iVotronics, why [not] instead buy a machine that produces a paper record? Because Pennsylvania state law will not permit any machine that would theoretically make it possible to figure out how someone voted. . . As a result, nearly 40 percent of Pennsylvania’s counties bought iVotronics. . . Among election-machine observers, this provokes a shudder of anticipation. If the presidential vote is close, it could well come down to a recount in Pennsylvania. And a recount could uncover thousands of votes recorded on machines that displayed aberrant behavior — with no paper trail. Would the public accept it? Would the candidates? As Candice Hoke, the head of Ohio’s Center for Election Integrity, puts it: “If it was Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004, everyone is saying it’s going to be Pennsylvania in 2008.”

Larry’s Market House Grill which occupies the west end of Meadville’s Market House has closed.

What's a guy got to do to get some bike boxes downtown?

Yes. I am a library nerd.

So is this guy.

What helps to create a scene?

Newsgator's incredible RSS suite is now free.

Although I don't do the whole bittorrent thing, this one is pretty tempting:
Lou Reed with John Cale: 1989-11-30, New York

(BTW - BitLet will let you stream torrents instead of downloading.)


Justin said...

Justin from Belsapadore here...thanks for the library articles. I'm studying library science at Clarion right now and I loved the articles...

Chris Griswold said...

You are being silly about the book thing. When I am interested in buying a book, the first place i think to look is the bookbindery. Who wants to deal with all of those people touching your book? I want it straight off the press before the glue dries.

Dittman said...

All the cool kids are in library school these days! (Full disclosure, my wife's a 2005 Clarion MLS alum).

Chris - I think you're right. I visualize a Krispy Kreme style neon light that would be lit when the books were hot off the presses and lines of bookworks stretching around the corner, hearts racing in anticipation.