Friday, December 28, 2007

A quick holiday trip today down to Oakland to take a few photos

at the Chihuly exhbit at the Phipps Conservancy (where my wife and I were married 9.5 years ago yesterday).
and then over to Squirrel Hill to watch my daughter spend Christmas loot at 10,000 Villages and then around the corner to Dozen for some vegan Lemon Gingerbread cupcakes. Nice.

This Saturday Newmen play Seneca's Brother Bean from 7-9 pm. No cover. They also have new merch and a new song CD for sale as well. They also want to know where fans want to see them play, so drop them a line at their MySpace.

NPR lists the
Top 10 Great Unknown Artists of 2007

Butler's Art Center has announced their 2008 exhibits.

Not to be a jerk , but is it just me or is the Erie Times News most fascinating (local) people of 2007 pretty darn lackluster.

Another job for which I'm qualified disappears.

But I thought the Trib already printed fake news.

The Pittsburgh City Paper reviews Pittsburgh native Joseph Bathanti's new book.

Matt Croyle has announced he's planning an evening of two one-act plays called 'Darkness & Light' as well as a playwrighting competition.

Why is so hard to talk about art?


Peter A. Greene said...

I took a look at the Erie interesting people list, mostly because it has Sean Rowe on it. Based on their profile of him, I'm going to guess the dullness of the list may have less to do with the actual people and more to do with the desultory reportage. Mediocre writing can suck the joy out of just about anything.

Chris Griswold said...

o-owned by Andy Twigg from Franklin.

I keep track of everyone.

Dittman said...

My God Chris! You do! Did Andy graduate from FHS?

Chris Griswold said...

I believe Andy did. His sister Addi, on the other hand, graduated in Latrobe, PA. She's in the comedy-musical duo Bait and Switch, which you should see at some point. I ended up bumping into here, and then Andy, through my comedy world dealings.

Chris Griswold said...

Wow, it looks like Blogger cut off my first comment. Dozen is co-owned by Andy Twigg. Andy also does freelance graphic design work.