Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Remember when Peter Greene wrote:
Look. If you’re in the stands at a high school football game screaming and ranting and busting a blood vessel as if the fate of Western Civilization were riding on that pigskin, you need to take a serious look at your life.

turns out a lot of people weren't listening (caution: profanity)

DIY Life is looking for more writers

Marsha Kroll named 2007 Bucks County Poet Laureate

The Friends of Bailey Library (SRU) will be holding a used book and video sale from Wednesday, November 14 to Friday, November 16 off the main lobby.

The Roadhouse Theatre is holding an auction on Saturday December 8 at 7pm. This auction will feature art and artifact items from their collection. Examples include a horse head from a production of Equus, dozens of great paintings by local artists, some sculptures, two over-sized Grecian urns, several spectacular lamps, an upright piano, a Hammond organ and speaker, period furniture, along with some strange and exotic props. (via)

There are still tickets left for Sunday's Remora Deign benefit show at Seneca's Brother Bean.

Huzzah for biofuel. How super would it be if people gave new meaning to the "Oil" in "Oil Region"

How the City of Oil City will spend $360,000 next year will depend on input from city residents and organizations angling to fund a special project. [cough]the arts [cough].

I feel a sick day coming on:
Marvel Comics unveils the industry's first online archive of more than 2,500 back issues, including the first appearances of Spider-Man, the X-Men and the Incredible Hulk."


Peter A. Greene said...

Looks like the Oil City-Erie East brawl footage has been taken out of circulation. Guess someone's face is red. If only they'd been that embarrassed after the actual event.

I saw the Marvel move to online back issues as well-- you should really come down sometime and spend a few hours in my attic with the real thing...

Dittman said...

It's back. No too red faced I guess!