Monday, November 05, 2007

Decidedly non local posts today - film fest hangover (metaphysical, not literal)

You can spend time with the family on any Christmas. This year wouldn't you rather be shooting a Red Ryder BB Gun with other obsessives fans?

The 1837 Nicholson House in Erie, Pa has been named one of the nation's most threatened historical landmarks by the National trust.

I've complained a lot in the past about the half-witted way Franklin has gone about attempting to make the town bicycle friendly - by inflating the dollar amounts that tourists bring in , by passing regulations to let bikes on sidewalks when most of us want protection on the road, and by tearing up the slate sidewalks that were once known all over the US for their beauty to replace them with bland cement. Who does bicycle friendly right? Portland.

The University Avenue Bridge in Lowell, Mass., featured in Kerouac's Dr. Sax, is slated for demolition.

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