Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Venangoland has been updated with a stellar bit of forgotten (by me, at least, although, is something forgotten if I never knew it?) Venango writerly history:

In the late 1870’s, amateur newspapers were in vogue. Anyone who lay hands on the basic printing equipment could create their own local newspaper. In 1878, seventeen-year-old James Borland and a few friends started The Evening News in Franklin. The first issue was four pages long: “An amateur daily paper published by three boys should be read by all. ‘Spicy and newsy’ is our motto.”

As it is mine.

The Iraqi translator of Pound, Williams, Shakespeare, & Ginsberg has died

The Erie Media Go Round provides An Artist’s View Of Today’s Music Industry

I have some Pownce invites to give away. If you want one, email me.

Via Erie Blogs:
Allen Stoneware makes beautiful pottery right here in Erie. They're also doing something that's really cool - making their own commercials and product videos and posting them on YouTube. It's cheap (not in a bad way) advertising for them, and reaches customers worldwide.

Thanks to The Duchess from the Psalters for setting me up with a photo shoot for a Euro magazine. Look for more details later.

Close to 100 people showed up for last week's Remora Deign show at Brother Bean. Merch was sold, songs were played, dance contests were held swag was given. Look for a more sedate show this weekend, as The Lonesome No More Band performs in Seneca's shrine to live music and good coffee, Brother Bean. Show starts at 7. No cover.

Wine, Cheese and Poe continues this weekend.

30 Below is an exhibition of local artists (of all fields and mediums), ages 30 and under, with an emphasis on displaying artists whose work has never been exhibited in a professional venue. Their upcoming exhibition will be held on the second floor of the Three Rivers Arts Festival Gallery, 937 Liberty Avenue for First Night Pittsburgh. Self-sufficient conceptual, installation, or performance artists should email with electronic copies of your work (digital portfolio) or a linked address to where this material can be found online AND personal contact information.

Abuela, no!
Uplifting Entertainment, a Christian production company, is casting for the role of Host, for a children’s puppet show. We are looking for animated, energetic, grandmotherly women. The ability to speak Spanish is a plus but not necessary. This is a paying position. Please send resumes along with a head shot or phone 412.279.2453

Although the show ended last weekend, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention how lovely I think the syngery was between the Oil City production of Lafferty's Wake and one of the most talented local musicans, Jermone Wincek, was. Hopefully we'll see more of it in the future.

Gypsy Dave and The Stumpjumpers' new album As the Stars Gather Light is now available for download on I-tunes. Look for a review here later this week.

Physical copies can also be ordered

Belsapadore is working on a new album, Monsters, and wants help with the cover.
To show the rawness of a human being, I'd like the collage to of pictures that follow these guidelines:

-To be taken right after you wake up in the morning...without any "enhancements"

-To be just a portrait of your face looking straight on at the camera and to show a little bit of your shoulders...without any clothes on. I'm not asking you to pose nude for me, I'm just asking for a simple face shot with some shoulder. This again is because I just want to show humans in their natural, untouched state. We look our basic when we first wake up and clothes are unnatural.

Send your photos.

The Pittsburgh History Roundtable will begin its second season on Thursday, November 1, 2007 from 4:30-6:00 p.m. in the Library & Archives at the Senator John Heinz History Center. Our topic of discussion is Jeremy Bonner’s paper, “The Limits of Acceptable Behaior: The ‘Arundel Affair’ and the Social Gospel in Progressive Pittsburgh.”

If you’d like more information, please contact either Ann Fortescue at aafortescue@hswp.org, (412) 454-6393, or Naomi Horner at nhorner@hswp.org, (412) 454-6372.

How about a free and legal download of last week's Smashing Pumpkins show in Pittsburgh?

Ooooohhhh, so that's what they mean when the rap about "the game"...

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