Saturday, September 15, 2007

A quick one today as I've found a store in Volant that carried 120 medium format film and I'm off to stock up for a project I'm playing around with (with which I'm playing?).

See you at the Ryan Waterman show tonight at 7pm at Brother Bean

[Rocky Grove resident Chris Wetzel] is set for a major motion picture debut as the dance double in the film Love and Dancing, which will be released in May at the Cannes Film Festival.

via Joann Wheeler OC Arts Czarina:
The Friends of the Franklin Public Library is looking for artists and crafters for their Second Annual Holiday Bazaar, an afternoon and evening of "One Stop Shopping" in conjunction with Franklin’s Light-Up Night on November 17th.
Set-up begins at Noon, Sales from 2-7pm The price for each vendor space is $15.
Debra Houser

Leave the bra at home! Butler's Art Center is seeking models for the Age of Aquarius February 2008 Fashion Show. If interested, please email or call The Art Center at 724-283-6922. Please list modeling experience and include photos of yourself.

GY Productions is booking the Spring Fever Festival for April 18th-20th. Let them know if you are interested in performing.

Christopher Bell
is now booking shows for Erie's Hookah Cafe

Director Greg Mottola will start filming Adventureland in Pittsburgh on Oct. 3, and he is looking to fill several key roles with the help of Nancy Mosser Casting.

The agency is searching for someone to play Frigo, a 22-year-old childhood friend of the main character in the movie, who will be portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg (The Squid and the Whale), along with a teenage rock band that will perform a cover song from the 1980s, plus other speaking and extras roles.

Frigo is described as being as mature as an 11-year-old but having an innocence about his chronic childishness. He's envisioned as very skinny, almost "rat-like."

Mosser is looking for someone 18 to 22 with "incredible wild energy, who is naturally funny" and comfortable with R-rated language and crude physical comedy.

For Frigo, the band or other roles (roughly 1,000 extras will be needed, including men with longer hair reminiscent of 1987), contact Nancy Mosser Casting. Go to where you can find an application or e-mail or call 412-434-1666.

"After months of research," the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh has OK's Catholic's attendance at "Bodies . . . The Exhibition" when it opens next month at the Carnegie Science Center. What's next!?!? Letting people wander around saying that the Earth revolves around the Sun?! I blame the liberals.

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