Monday, August 27, 2007

My daughter is back in school, and, 90% of the time, I'm very fond of her. So drive safely, 'K?

I was so pig-biting mad about the paper yesterday that I forgot to mention where I was all weekend: covering the Art Glass Invitational for Pennsylvania Magazine. What amazed me most (aside from how much beer was drank. I mean, I'm all for a nice beer, but next a gazillion Fahrenheit flame. Wow. And how do they keep their hair so long working next to the flames like that. Mysteries, friends, mysteries) was the sheer danger of the thing. Broken glass, plasma tanks, and fire everywhere:

In other words, a very nice time.

The 5th McKeever Center's Annual Nature Show will run from September 21-23 and feature a mix of local and national nature artists.

Venangoland has been updated with "Odds and Ends"

A Voice Like Rhetoric is shooting a music video September, 15 2007 at Butler's Penn Theatre (149 North Main Street, Butler, Pennsylvania 16001) at 5 pm. There'll be a free show following.

The Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel has mounted an exhibit of employee artwork. Can the Arlington be far behind?

The new New Yinzer is out.

Joe Chiodo, the guy who ran one of the best bars in Pittsburgh, is dead.

Although I'm a committed thrift store sort of guy, I broke down and bought "Motovino" since Threadless is holding a back-to-school $10 t-shirt sale.

Speaking of back to school and nerdom combined - free Star Wars book covers, anyone?

Boy am I starting to wish I had made my own grocery bag instead of buying the Wegmans' models.

Indie Guitar Tabs is constantly updated with guitar tabs from indie bands.

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