Thursday, August 23, 2007

My computer literally blew up last night. Literally. I thought that was just a turn of phrase. Wow.

Southern Men where were you? As of 4:15 p.m. Tuesday, 5,386 tickets out of 10,000 had been sold for the Meadville Fair Lynyrd Skynyrd sale. “Raise Hell!” went unhollered. Rebel Flag patches went unsold. Artsy kids went unhassled. Muffin tops remained sheathed. The South did not rise again. A dark day, friends. A dark day.

Newmen will play Titusville’s Scheide Park at 1 pm Sept 29th. They’ve also issued an open invitation to check out their rehearsals Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:15 to 8ish.

even if just a couple of you show it would really make our day. it'll be really informal bring some bubba cola and a foldy chair and we'll do the rest.

Contact them via myspace for directions.

Gypsy Dave has announced a show at Meadville’s Artists Cup Cafe Sep 21 2007

Remora Deign plays a free show this weekend August, 25 2007 at Clintonville Community Days In the Park.

Nate Custer plays Brother Bean on Saturday from 7-9 pm. No cover.

Meadville’s Union Room is hosting an over 21 party Saturday with “LOTS of beer, drinks, food…”Cerebral Plane, Phantasm, God's Day Off, and Manokin will be playing. Show starts at 6pm. Cover is $10.

Oh sure, now that I’m back to school, now they open the Big Mac Museum.

Pittsburgh’s Skinny Building will host art no longer.

The Post Gazette reviews "Personal Jesus ... : The Religious Works of Keith Haring and Andy Warhol" calling it “sprightly”.

Admission prices at the Carnegie Museums of Natural History and Art will go up as much as 80 percent in November, largely because of costs associated with an expanded dinosaur hall.

Southern Shelter offers the Daniel Johnston (w/ Casper & The Cookies) show at the 40 Watt club from earlier this month and while that may not seem regional, lest we forget, righteous nutcase Johnson attended college near Youngstown and was brought to Pittsburgh to get his head together.

Putting together a show? Not as easy as Mickey Rooney led us to believe, it turns out.

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