Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Is it easier to access Timbuktu’s libraries than Venango County’s. And yes, I realize that’s hyperbole, but how often am I able to write something like that?

Remora Deign plays, of all places, the 4-H Fair tonight at 7 pm. Come and enjoy the goats and some emo!

Shoheen plays Seneca’s Brother Bean at 7 pm Saturday, no cover. This is going to be a fantastic show, so look for more on this later in the week.

Oil City’s Pumkin Bumkin Fest (ewww…that name!) is offering local artisans/crafters free space (!) for the fest being held in Justus Park on Oct. 26 & 27. It's a fantastic offer to the local artists. The organizers have already listed the schedule which includes Bronwyn Frazier's mask making demonstrations and the stories of the Northwest Ghost Hunters Association. And, sigh, fireworks, beacause, as Pete Greene suggests, it's just not a Venango function until Scott Cartwright blows something up.

NWPA comic book company Creative Impulse is looking for a computer colorist who can produce on a monthly schedule. Send a sample of your work to kevinthomas95@yahoo.com, but from one artist to another, refuse to work for free.


LazyTcrochet said...

I sent the Pumkin Bumkin to my brother as he LOVES haunted houses. The application for vendors says $50, I may have missed the "free" part. Thanks for stopping by the BBQ show!

Dittman said...

My pleasure! I hope it picked up after I left. As far as teh free goes, give Jodi Robertson a call at (814)677-5914 and she'll hook you up.

Dittman said...

the. It's spelled "the". What the heck is wrong with me?