Friday, August 03, 2007

Check out my capsule review of the Old Hats' Astral Road at Indie Music Stop.

I also finished uploading the shots from their show earlier this week to Flickr.

As I noted earlier, I no longer link to anything on the Erie Times News website, not only because it’s a disaster to look at or try to find anything, but also because it requires registration to read anything. Now, The Erie Media Go Round points out that:

The Erie Times-News is charging MORE to view their articles than the New York Times. Yes, the Erie Times-News is charging more than the most prestigious newspaper in the United States.

NY Times charges $50 for a year long subscription, with their archives back to the 1800s.
Erie Times-News charges almost $2000 (yes, two THOUSAND) for their archives back to the 1990s.

The Post Gazette reviews the recent Patti Smith show.

The NYTimes examines the art of the subway. My favorite:

The Syntax of Things takes a look at BOMB magazine, where I once hung my hat.

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