Friday, June 22, 2007

Yesterday, my daughter and I took the long way to Meadville (I mean the realllly long way), stopping for organic shell peas at Oil City’s Farmer Market (Thursday from 12-5. They’re open Monday too, but not as many vendors show up) and then over to Titusville to Brown Stone Studio in Titusville to pick up the Newmen CDs. Both trips are highly recommended. I’m thinking an album review is called for, so look for it in the next 10 days or so…

Congrats to Benjamin Thurau who will be playing his bull fiddle with the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra. He also plays with the Venango Chamber Orchestra.

Gypsy Dave got a huge piece of coverage in yesterday’s ETN Showcase section, whilst Jerome Wincek got a pull out noticed from, ahem, Dr. Rock in the same issue.

It’s the weekend, so let there be music. I watched loudQUIETloud yesterday instead of working so in honor of how, um, comfortable Black Francis is with his body in the movie, here’s two from him.

Download "Ten Percenter" (mp3)
Download "Robert Onion" (mp3)
from "93-03"

And, just for fun, why not Download Wilco’s Bonaroo show in MP3.

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