Friday, May 04, 2007

Wow, do I wish that The Derrick would post its letters to the editor online, because, my friends, there is a helpful heaping of nuts on the ol' sundae this morning. One of those nuggest is, what seemed to me, to be a not too subtle threat towards columnist and blogger, Peter Greene, because, wait for it, he criticized country music.

The Pittsburgh Trib-Review gives me (and others) some love in their profile of Pittsburgh's upcoming Festival of Mystery where I'll be all day Monday. Attendance is capped at 500, but if you really need a ticket, drop me a line.

The "Tooth Beary" sculpture has been returned to its Clarion home, unscathed. Something tells me photos of its escapades will pop up shortly.

Erie professor and filmmaker Mark Steensland is hoping to sell his film Lovecraft's Pillow at the Cannes Film Festival's Short Film Corner, next week. BTW, did you know there's a HP Lovecraft film fest?

Pittsburgh writer, professor, editor of Creative Nonfiction and mastermind behind the 412 literary festival will be on Comedy Central's The Daily Show on May 7th.

The NYTimes profiles tomorrow, Free Comic Book Day.

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