Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Venangoland has been updated with musing on mortality.

We have an ashram with an internationally known Yoga Instructor? Who knew?

Conneaut Lake Park will not open this year.

Pittsburgh-born jazz musician Tim Eyermann, who led the jazz fusion band East Coast Offering, has died.

The NY Times profiles Dishwasher Pete who is in Pittsburgh tonight.

What's it like to be an extra on "Kill Point", Spike TV's show set in the 'burgh?

The cops and SWAT guys look pretty realistic, with their plastic guns. Rumor has it that a couple of SWAT guys wandered off the set and fooled with their faux guns -- and found themselves looking down the barrels of real guns drawn by real cops. And a woman dressed as a cop tried to get her son out of jail and ended up arrested.

Pittsburgh's Black Moth Super Rainbow "Sun Lips" is NPR's Song of the Day.

Prom Themes of the Damned.

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