Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blogger ate this post three times. Time for me to move on. So, a much shortened post:
Spent yesterday (in part) going over the galleys of the first of what I hope will be my many book reviews for one of my favorite mags, DoubleTake . I reviewed Local Treasures: Geocaching across America , and, as they say on Reading Rainbow, if you want to know how the story ends, you'll have to read it yourself.

I also found myself in Oil City yesterday killing half an hour before volunteering at a swim program at their Y. I moseyed (or did I saunter, memory fails) over to the OC Library. Some years ago, someone made me angry there (how's that for an irrational grudge) and I hadn't been back since. I finally decided that was way too old-skool Northwestern PA and was glad I went in.

Using AccessPA , I picked two books that I had been wanting to read for a while, The Lecturer's Tale: A Novel and Night Fisher. The librarian wasn't too pleased to go through the AccessPA process, but I haven't met many who are.

It's a beautiful library with a great fiction collection, so get your card out attatch your AccessPA sticker and start raiding for summer reading. By the way, what is on your summer reading list? Aside from Venago Authors that is. Drop me your reading list or post them in the comments and I'll compile a list of recommend reads for next week.

Speaking of summer books, Venango poet extraordinaire Phil Terman's publisher has released the cover art for Terman's new book Rabbis of the Air , and it's a snappy one:

It's due to be released shortly, so make sure you pre-order.

It's a gigungious music weekend. So let's get this started:

Local band Policy Overkill has released a new MP3, "Failure" .

Jerome Wincek christens the new Patio at Kate's Bar in the Oil City Arlington Hotel Friday from 8-10 pm

Seneca's BroBean plays host to Newmen Saturday 7-9pm. No cover

Remora Deign plays twice this weekend. Friday at The Oil City Relay for Life and Saturday for a $5 multi-band show at the Franklin. Sadly, they didn't forward any more details than that.

Meadville's Union Room(287 1/2 Chestnut St., Meadville, Pennsylvania 16335) hosts Bleeding A Memory, Manokin, First to Fall, Moment of Truth, Vanity of Rage on Saturday for a $6 show.

I know things got lost because of this stupid Blogger, so remind me of what I missed and I'll include it tomorrow.
Off with ya.

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