Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A quick post during a busy week:

John Bartlett, long time writer for the Erie Times News who always gave the arts a fair shake in his coverage has left the paper after more than 30 years. Bartlett, an Oil City resident, is now the field representative for the Friends of Allegheny Wilderness.

Nice way to kill a scene wanna-be taggers. It's a story that's been going on for at least the 15 years I've been going to shows - someone decides that in order to be truly "punk" they should ruin the venue that has agreed (against all logic) to host them. In this case, it happened to Meadville's Union Room and tips leading to arrest will get you free shows for the rest of the summer:
If our landlords decide that it isn't worth it anymore, then no more shows. That means you can go back to hanging out at Country Fair or begging your mom for a ride to the movies.

How did I miss this auction?

The Pittsburgh CLO will be holding public auditions for the teen chorus of its upcoming production of Disney's High School Musical. Auditions will be held on April 14 at Ross Park Mall and on April 15 at South Hills Village. The show will be performed May 29 - June 17 at the historic Benedum Center as part of the 2007 CLO Summer Season.

My wife and I keep a big list of cool projects that we would like to see in the area. A couple of years ago we created a proposal for one of those projects - a two week long youth theatre workshop that would give area high schoolers a little more polish and professionalism - mornings devoted to acting and stage craft workshops and afternoons with a choice of playwrighting, voice, dance, or combat. We circulated the proposal around and that discussion lead now, to a much -watered down form that was eventually picked up by a local theatre ( I should make it clear that our contribution began and ended with starting the discussion with the proposal). Our next goal? A local Girls Rock and Roll Camp (or use this link.)

Columbiana OH's downtown theatre is being revitalized

The Age discusses what it's like to create an album without a label.

You know what's cool? A vending machine that dispense zines, that's what.

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