Thursday, March 22, 2007

Overheard in Franklin's Shop N Save as I pondered the purchase of a day old pineapple:
Woman speaking a guy without teeth as he bought a handful of carnations:
"Did she say she wanted flowers for her birthday?"
Gentleman shrugs his shoulders.
Woman shaking her head, "Well, she told me she wanted a new pair of chaps."


T-shirt I hope to find in my Easter basket: "Well, this really just sucks."

The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust will hold a six-week Australia Festival late this year featuring contemporary artists from the continent, many of whom have not performed in the United States. The festival is to run from Oct. 10 through Nov. 17, with a preview June 14-17 during the Three Rivers Arts Festival. Events will include Circus Oz; Puccini's Madama Butterfly (conducted by Pittsburgh Opera Music Director Antony Walker, a native of Australia); a group show at the Wood Street Galleries; a film festival at the Harris Theater; Legs on the Wall; the Candy Butchers; Chunky Move; Back To Back Theatre; and educational events at local universities.

I was remiss yesterday in only mentioning one local bock beer. The Post Gazette covers lots more including Crawford County's "Kick Bock".

Tomorrow night at the Blue Planet Cafe (910 Market St., Meadville, Pennsylvania 16335)
catch three bands for $4. Performers include Secretly Plotting Your Burial, Meadowland Drive, and the RickDan Band

That same night, Policy Overkill plays a free show at the Brother Bean Coffeehouse in Seneca.

Sorkin Will Script Flaming Lips Musical

Why not make yourself a lovely little Elliot Smith mix for the weekend?

Finally, if the rain has you thinking indoor projects this weekend, let me recommend one that my daughter and i found enjoyable - DIRKON – THE PAPER CAMERA

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